Our Program

Classical education is language-focused, and learning is accomplished through written and spoken words. Subjects are aligned so that the different disciplines speak to each other and students are able to make connections between them. The challenge of finding links between the various fields of study is accomplished by using history to organize learning. This begins with the ancients and progresses to the modern in history, science, literature, art and music. Classical education is knowledge-centered. The mind is trained to collect and analyze information, and to draw conclusions based upon that information. The teachers meet as grade level teams to discuss student achievement and growth along with the pacing of the curriculum. Grade-level team leaders lead these meetings and report any concerns or questions to administration. The teachers also meet as subject area teams. These teams help to ensure the consistency, sequencing and alignment of the curriculum. They also have opportunity to discuss student achievement and report any appropriate concerns or questions to administration. The Assistant Academic Headmaster works closely with the teacher teams throughout the year.