Bonnie Cone Classical Academy’s Board of Directors:

Rev. Martin McCarthy, Chair
Mr. Brian Puckett, Vice Chair
Dr. Chrystal Brown
Mr. Byron Grimmett
Mr. William Mills, Esq.
Mrs. Stephanie Newbrough
Mrs. Judy Russo
Ms. Megan Tan

The governing board will know that Bonnie Cone Academy is working toward attaining their mission statement by: ACADEMIC-The board will examine annual academic scores and reports and monitor NWEA MAP results to make certain the school is meeting targeted growth and proficiency. The board will examine the Professional Development Program to ensure that the school's instructional staff is being supported in their charge to carry out the mission of the school. GOVERNANCE-The board will perform an annual self-evaluation and will undergo annual training to ensure that board meetings are conducted regularly and in accordance with Charter/Bylaws/Articles of Incorporation/State statute. In addition, the board will require a monthly operations update from the school director highlighting the progress of certain administrative or committee projects and assignments and will annually conduct an evaluation of the School Director(s). Lastly, the board will establish and monitor a multiyear strategic plan, modifying as necessary and measuring progress. FINANCIAL-the board will monitor all financial transactions through the required accounting system via a set of monthly financial and transaction reports. The board will compare current spending and revenue flow with the annual budget and identify any potential for overspending and take action to mitigate the negative effects of budget variances. The board will also review the annual budget with the independent auditor to identify areas for increased efficiencies and improvements in financial management, thereby ensuring sufficient resources to support the school's core curriculum and mission.

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